About Us

Our Vision

We globalize total wellness and energize people to explore its various forms to gain a new well-being.

Our Mission

Provide an online interactive platform that gives individuals the opportunity to explore traditional and new forms of total wellness and connects instructors, students, and enthusiasts from around the world in one convenient place to share their passion.

About Us

Wellnessathome.today is a web application that provides lessons through online interaction between instructors and students. Wellnessathome.today enables students to find the yoga, self care or relaxation styles of their choice. Students can take lessons with instructors domestically and internationally. Geography is no longer a constraint in finding high quality instruction at an affordable price. Students can now spend more time learning, than driving to lessons. Once a student has registered with Wellnessathome.today they can schedule any available lesson(s) simply by clicking on the desired lesson and paying the lesson fee. Both individual lessons as well as group lessons are offered. Individual lessons provide the most individualized attention between the student and the instructor. Group lessons are based on age and experience level. All lessons are delivered online via video technology designed and delivered by Wellnessathome.today. Wellnessathome.today has designed a curriculum to help students develop their potential and achieve their goals. This curriculum acts as a guide for our instructors to help students achieve their goals while allowing them the flexibility to tailor their instruction to the level and needs of individual students.

Through the Wellnessathome.today website site, anyone can share their experience with friends and family via social media. Wellnessathome.today developed a unique points system, where students earn points for taking lessons, practice time, and viewing & submitting videos. Wellnessathome.today categorizes instructors by experience levels, certifications and instruction capability. All instructors are screened and have had background checks to help ensure the safety of all our students. Wellnessathome.today is committed to providing the highest quality instruction at affordable prices in a safe and convenient way using live streaming video and the power of the Internet.


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