Self-Care Wednesdays

Self-Care Wednesdays
Wah Music
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What is a Self-Care Class?

Wah!'s Self Care Class is a 60-min class of tapping, breathing, clearing and relaxation, based on Wah!’s book Self-Care: Building a Smarter, Stronger, More Peaceful Self.

Self-Care uses simple exercises like breathing, tapping and meridian stimulation. You can take class seated in a chair or on the floor. Humming, massaging the scalp, and stimulating the ear meridians are some of the techniques you will learn. All classes include a 15-minute sound therapy for deep restoration and cellular rejuvenation. 

Taking good care of yourself means showing up authentically, engaging the body, feeling emotions, releasing congestion, giving yourself space to relax and decompress. Everyone is welcome. 

You can expect: 

– face and scalp massage
– tapping and meridian stimulation
– different kinds of breathing and breathwork
– clearing emotions through laughing, growling, exhaling
– moving the spine, sweeping, shuddering, wiggling
– raising the arms up
– deep relaxation with live music by Wah!
– a short meditation

Please adapt exercises or ask for adaptations to compensate for physical limitations and health conditions. 

Please note: this is a 60-min class, with 15 minutes extra for saying goodbye, asking questions, and being a few minutes late ending the class.



Most people sit on a chair to do the breathing, tapping and clearing exercises. The 15-minute relaxation at the end of class can be done sitting or lying down. If you choose to lie down on the floor, you might want a head cushion, eye pillow and/or bolster under your knees.


Additional notes: 
TESTIMONIAL: I was in turmoil, "on the edge," right before class. Wah! helped me turn that all around, amazingly so! My perspective completely changed about my injury and everything else that triggered with it.  Jai brought tears to my eyes. I could listen to you sing that for hours, and have actually done so. Wah!, your healing light and energy truly washed over me, inside and out.    -Shelley R.


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Wah! is an accomplished musician, record label owner, mother, and one of the founders and leaders of today's global yoga community. Wah! has spent over 25 years teaching and performing, helping people relax, improve their health and learn about compassionate relationship. Her CDs have sold over 100,000 units worldwide; if youve taken a yoga class in the last 10 years you have undoubtedly heard her music. In 2011 iTunes featured her with a compilation titled "Greatest Yoga Music Ever." She has over 250,000 listeners on Spotify. In 1997, she started her own record label, Wah! Music ( After 15 years touring and teaching, she dove deeper into healing practices. From 2012-2020 her multi-media relaxation event (Healing Concert) was featured at planetariums, theatres, expos, conferences and universities throughout the country, including UC Boulder's Fiske Planetarium, Reuben H. Fleet Science Center, Loyola Marymount University, and NJ State Museum in Trenton.Her book Self-Care: Building a Stronger, Smarter, More Peaceful Self came out in 2020 and her simple, effective techniques were used by nurses, teachers and other professions to manage stress and prevent burnout and depression. She started training teachers in Integrative Sound Healing trainings (certified by AHNA American Holistic Nurses Association in 2019).In 2021, Wah! teamed up with corporate visionary Ted Gee to co-found Wellness At Home, an online educational platform which teaches people yoga, self-care and relaxation classes to improve health and mood, and manage stress.

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