Instuctor Code of Conduct


LPS Enterprises, Inc. is committed to providing a fun and exciting learning social media experience in an environment that values the diversity and protects the dignity and rights of all members of our community. These members include students, instructors, employees, suppliers, partners, and all others who access our portal. LPS Enterprises, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer, and insists on an environment that is free from discrimination of any type, whether based on gender, race, culture, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation.

Wellness touches most every aspect of our lives. With members of all ages and from many corners of the world, we strive for a safe and friendly environment in which all feel welcome and valued. Our organizational philosophy is to value relationships fostered and grown in our community and support people to take good care of themselves.

Code of Conduct Expectations

Our platforms are designed to be a fun, interactive live video learning environment. Though all instructors are pre-screened, we have built in some safety features intended to prevent behavior by any member that is not consistent with our policies and values, or with applicable laws, rules, or regulations. An additional feature is designed to immediately terminate the live connection between any members who engage in any such unacceptable behavior. Video connections will be randomly monitored to ensure both quality of instruction and compliance with behavior expectations.


When appropriate, all users under the age of 13 must have parental consent to participate in our social media platform. Parents will be encouraged to participate with children as needed and required by instructors.


As a live video educational portal, it will be required that all members utilizing any of the LPS Enterprises company’s platforms must always wear appropriate clothing during any sessions. Appropriate clothing will cover at minimum all body parts, except for arms, from the shoulders and chest down to the mid-thigh. Clothing must not be revealing and not display any wording or graphics that can reasonably be interpreted as potentially offensive or provocative to any community member. Any violations of these expectations will be grounds for immediate dismissal from the lesson. Extreme or repeated violations can and will result in more serious penalties, including termination from the LPS Enterprises community.


Any posts containing offensive, abusive, profane or sexual language, or personal attacks of any nature will be withheld or removed without notice or explanation. Any unauthorized posts or comments which seek to direct or recruit members away from LPS Enterprises and/or promote other similar vendors will be withheld or removed without notice or explanation. Spam or other repeating postings of identical or similar comments will also be withheld or removed without notice or explanation.

You are responsible for all content, including without limitation any information, text, pictures, photos, messages, notes, videos, and other files, that you upload or post on the site, or communicate to other users through this site. If you post content that you did not create or own the rights to ensure that you have the necessary, consent and permission from the owners of such content to post the same on LPS Enterprises. All materials that you wish to submit for pay through our video on demand must be approved by LPS Enterprises as required by our policy. LPS Enterprises can remove content at any time without notice or explanation.


Instructors and customers should arrive before the scheduled start time and be prepared. Instructors that are late to the scheduled start time will be subject to administrative review. Refer to the LPS Enterprises refund/cancellation policy for guidance. Sessions are designed so that customers will be able to speak live with the instructor but may only text chat with other attendees. This was designed to prevent any unwanted distractions.

Personal Information

LPS Enterprises recommends that no personal contact information (including but not limited to, phone numbers, emails, or physical addresses) be shared outside of the platform. Instructors are prohibited from asking for the personal contact information of students, particularly minors. Personal contact with members will be solely conducted through LPS Enterprises.

LPS Enterprises Name, Logo or Assigns

Members may not under any circumstances, without the company’s written consent, use the name “LPS Enterprises” or “LPS” or its subsidiaries in any form, nor use any symbol, logo or graphic used by, or associated with the “LPS Enterprises” company or its subsidiaries alone or with the name “LPS Enterprises” or any name, symbol or logo, or graphic confusingly similar to LPS Enterprises, Inc.’s or its subsidiaries name, symbols, logo or graphics as part of an email address, a “home page,” or a second or higher level domain name any online network members utilizes, originates, or registers with internet or similar authority.

Unauthorized use of the name “LPS Enterprises” its subsidiaries or assigns or any symbol, logo, or graphic used by or associated with our company or any confusingly similar thereto, is a violation of company policies and subject to legal action.


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