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Complete the instructor application below that includes adding your contact information, creating a username/password and adding your teaching credentials. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at All instructors must be at least 18 years old.Not Approved, Profile Approved, Approved are the categories we will use.

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How did you find out about Wellness At Home?

Do you have any of these degrees or certifications?

Please check as appropriate:

 Yoga Teacher Training Certification 500-hour (for teaching Vinyasa All Levels)
 Yoga Teacher Training Certification 200-hour (for teaching all other yoga classes)
 Yoga Therapy Certification (for teaching all yoga classes)
 Integrative Sound Healing Certification
 Sound Healing Certification
 EFT or Tapping Certification
 Ayurvedic Health Practitioner
 Ayurveda Certification
 Yoga Nidra Certification
 Hypnotherapy Certification or Degree
 Music Therapy Certification or Degree
 Professional Music Career
 Group Exercise Certification
  General Cycling Certification
  Personal Trainer Certification
  Stretch Therapist or Instructor Certification
  Massage Therapist
  Fitness Coach Certification
  Licensed Physical Therapist
  Strength and Conditioning Certification
  Life Coach
  Nutrition Coach Certification or Degree
  Sports Nutrition Coach Certification or Degree
  Reiki I (Shoden)
  Reiki II (Okuden)
  Reiki Master III (Shinpiden)
 No Certifications

Please select each category you are able to teach:

Vinyasa (Beginner)
Vinyasa (All Levels)
Hatha Yoga (All Levels)
Restorative Yoga (All Levels)
Tapping Breathing & Clearing (All Levels)
Self-Care to Support (All Levels)
Self-Care to Renew (All Levels)
Guided Relaxation of Physical Body
Guided Relaxation using Imagery
Pure Sound Bath (Crystal Bowls or other live sound therapy)
Tai chi: Chen
Tai chi: Yang
Tai chi: Wu
Tai chi: Sun
Tai chi: Hao
Qigong: Dynamic or active (dong gong)
Qigong: Meditative or passive (jing gong)
Yoga Therapy
Yin Yoga
Resistance Training
Cycling: Low Impact
Cycling: Power
Cycling: Heart Rate Training
Stretch and Mobility Training
Distance Reiki
Prenatal Yoga

1). Your Certification (institution, length of training and year of certification)
2.) One year of working experience (institution and dates)


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