Yes- you can watch your previous, archived lessons from your phone or tablet, but not using the app. You have to log on to your account using your normal browser and then go to Lessons/Completed and the video is there.

Apps are available for iphone/Ipad & android phones/tablets

Yes. WAH is mobile friendly and supports mobile devices and tablets


All data transmission is encrypted (SSL) to protect user privacy.

Methods of payment for classes are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal.

Yes. All data transmission is encrypted (SSL) to protect user privacy.

To add your card to a student account you must first log in, then go to Settings, on the drop down select Billing, and click +Add New to add your credit card information


Since all classes are recorded, should you happen to not make it to class on time, you will be able to view the class about 10 minutes after the end of the lesson. Please see the Terms of Use for our cancellation and refund policy by visiting https://wellnessathome.today/terms-of-use If needed send an email to info@wellnessathome.today,

When you browse a lesson and click on the lesson you’re looking to take, you will see an Equipment section next to the Lesson Description

If you have a scheduled class and no instructor arrives in the virtual classroom, please contact us at info@wellnessathome.today and let us know which class/instructor & time & we can send you a promo code for your next lesson.

You will get an automatic email from us with all the instructions for the class. You can see the class in your account under LESSONS and it will show up in the Booked tab. Several hours before your class is scheduled to begin it will move from the LESSONS tab to the CLASSROOM. There you will see a START button all the way to the right, in line with the class.

To select a class go to Browse Lessons from the home page and search by When, Language, Category, or Subcategory

Watch the video on "How to Book a Lesson"

Since these are group lessons you cannot reschedule them. If you are outside of the 24hr window for the class you can cancel your lesson & you will receive a “promo” code for another lesson.

Is there a strict time limit for the class?

Yes, the lesson will end when it is scheduled to end, so if you or the instructor are late the total lesson will be shorter



Initially parental assistance is requested to confirm the minor child’s ability to interact with the system. We also recommend parents have the availability to assist their child during the lesson if necessary.

The COPPA Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act) requires WAH to obtain verifiable parental consent before activation of an account for users under the age of 13. Consent will come from the child’s parent/guardian via authorization email exchange between WAH & the parent/guardian.

There is not a minimum age for taking a class. Parents are required to enroll children under the age of 13

Please see the Terms of Use policy for our cancellation & refund policy by visiting https://wellnessathome.today/terms-of-use

Instructors: Process

Please see your user agreement. Content exclusively created on the WAH site is WAH property, however, we are flexible. Please contact info@wellnessathome.today if you have any questions.

No. Please see your user agreement.

If the type of wellness category you wish to teach is not listed, please send an e-mail to info@wellnessathome.today

WAH will provide the marketing for instructors and instructors should market themselves as well as their classes for people to sign up. The best way to get started for instructors is to have a strong profile video.

Yes. Please see the Instructor the Code of Conduct or Terms of Use

No. Please see your user agreement.

You must create a new, separate Student account to enroll in any lesson.

Visit the Become An Instructor Page in the top navigation to explore and complete the online application. After you have successfully completed the initial application you will receive automatic emails for each step outlining the next step.


You can review your lesson at the View Lessons tab in your profile and make sure you are ready.

We recommend that you schedule lessons no more than a few months in advance.

It is not a requirement but it is recommended. Youcan post a 1 minute introductory video about yourself. Here’s one formula you can use, if you need inspiration (video example: https://youtu.be/azzBf5h4tOY)

1-what’s your name

2-what do you LOVE

3-what’s your expertise

4-what will you be teaching on Wellness At Home

5-what kinds of things can we expect in your class?

6-See you soon! Come to my class!

Here’s a video with professional tips on Making Your 1-minute video: https://youtu.be/HlCtkT-IxaM 




Go to Change Picture link in the photo area. Allowed Image Format : JPEG, JPG, GIF, PNG. Recommended resolution 210x287, max 500x500

Log in to your profile and go to Settings>Account Information change your email address which is your login id

You can change your first and last name on the site by going to Settings>Account Information

Please verify that you have responded to the initial authentication email, you are entering your email address and password as it was submitted. Try refreshing the site by using the back arrows. If that fails, log out of account and delete cookies and cache on your browser. If clearing cookies does not work, please send e-mail to info@wellnessathome.today info@wellnessathome.today

Your content remains in our databases but will not be publicly viewable

After your account is established, use your username and password.

There is no automatic integration for iCal or Google Calendar. This is a manual process.

Yes. There will be 3rd party advertising, sponsors, endorsers, PPC, and banner ads.

User who do not comply with WAH Terms of Use and Code of Conduct are subject to service denial. Please explore these agreements for more information.

There is no instructor signup fee or student signup fee. There are no monthly fees for either instructor or student. Fees are only paid to sign up for a class.

If you are having difficulty setting up your profile you can contact us at info@wellnessathome.today

Please see the Forgot password link below the log in fields and follow the instructions. If that doesn’t work contact us a info@wellnessathome.today

Try refreshing the site using the back arrows. If that fails, log out of account and delete cookies and cache on your browser. If clearing cookies does not work, please send e-mail to info@wellnessathome.today

Send an email to info@wellnessathome.today to request account deletion. Accounts that have been marked as deleted and have NO activity will be automatically deleted by the system. However, any account that had activity (i.e. purchased video or taken a lesson), may be marked inactive and will be deleted after the required waiting time.

Log out of your account and clear cookies and cache on your browser. Log back in to retry. If this fails, please email info@wellnessathome.today


Yes, you can teach your lessons from mobile devices using the app.

Yes, but not through the app. You need to log into your account using your normal browser and then go to Lessons/Completed and view the video from there.

Make sure the device is installed properly. Check connections to the computer, it could be your USB connection or the cord. Go to webcam manufacturers help site for more assistance.

Please see our "Troubleshoot Camera, Mic Sound" video

WAH Classroom Technology Requirements

WAH Classroom is powered by OpenTok using live WebRTC technology and can be utilized on the web (JavaScript) and mobile devices (iOS and Android).

  • Bandwidth requirements
  • Video: 300 kbps per stream (recommended lowest level)
  • Audio: 50 kbps per stream (recommended lowest level)
  • Video specifications
  • Video resolutions — browsers:
  • 1280 x 720
  • 640 x 480
  • 320 x 240
  • Video resolutions — mobile (iOS/Android):
  • Customizable
  • VP8 video format (the WebRTC standard)
  • Additional recommendations
  • Headsets with microphone for improved sound quality and privacy
  • USB echo-canceling speakers for meeting room environments

If you are having problems with connectivity check the following before calling your ISP Check for power on the computer and the modem Your modem should have solid or flashing lights indicating that it is on and receiving communication; transfer and receiving lights.

We advise using the Mozilla, Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. WE HIGHLY SUGGEST USING FIREFOX.

You are advised to have a minimum connection of 3 Mbps. You can verify at www.speedtest.net

There are several sites that will test your internet connection such as www.speedtest.net

You will need a computer, a webcam, microphone and audio device such as speakers or earphones. Or a mobile device using our app.

You are required to have the current version of Adobe Flash (http://helpx.adobe.com/flash-player/kb/find-version-flash-player.html) as well as a webcam and microphone & speakers. (The camera & speakers do not need to be external to your device. You will also need to use either the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers.



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